Everything You Need to Know About Blood Flow

Maintaining healthy blood flow is important for so many reasons—not only does our blood deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout our body, but a healthy vascular system also keeps our body functioning properly from head to toe. Keeping your blood smoothly flowing throughout your body is critical to supporting the optimal functioning of our organs (including the heart and brain) and keeping your cardiovascular system healthy and strong.

What exactly does a “healthy blood flow” mean? It means that the endothelium, the inner lining of the blood vessels, is well preserved, and able to produce an adequate amount of nitric oxide, a compound that keeps the endothelium flexible and signals to the blood vessels to expand when necessary.

You can maintain a healthy blood flow with a few simple lifestyle tweaks. Getting down to a healthy weight is a smart strategy. Giving up cigarettes if you smoke can also help keep blood vessels in tip top shape. Eating a healthy diet is also key. Fortunately, that includes cocoa flavanols like those found in CocoaVia® supplement. Exercising regularly and cutting back on salt are two more effective tips. Learn more about keeping your blood vessels healthy here.

How do you know if your blood flow is optimal? Aside from the standard tests that your doctor can run during a physical, there are also some easy-to-notice signs of healthy blood flow. If your vascular system is healthy, you might experience…

  • a rosy complexion.
  • pink and plump fingertips.
  • hands and feet that stay warm.
  • skin on your feet that looks as plump and healthy as the skin on other areas of body.
  • legs that feel the same (comfortable and/or strong) at the end of a long day as they do when you wake up in the morning (instead of weak, crampy and fatigued).

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