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Healthy Recipes

Search for delicious, family-friendly recipes designed to improve your health.

These healthy recipes include specific food combinations to help you lose weight, feel energized, ease painful symptoms, and improve your personal health. Each recipe includes an “About This Recipe” panel with calorie information and nutrition facts, plus highlights the exact health concerns each recipe treats. These recipes are also tasty and family-friendly — print out your favorites and create them at home!

  • Almond Hot Cocoa
    Curl up on the couch with this healthier take on hot cocoa. My lightened up version is made with unsweetened almond milk and dark chocolate chips. It’s a cinch to make and delivers sweet and soothing satisfaction. Whipped cream and chocolate shavings optional!
  • Angel Eggs
    In this lean, mean version of deviled eggs, I replace the yolks with heart-healthy hummus to give you a double dose of energizing protein. Not only that, but I save you roughly 90 calories per egg.  
  • Apple ‘N Oat Cobbler
    This warm and cozy breakfast combines two heart-smart ingredients: whole grain oats and apples. Flavor it up with cinnamon and just the right amount of brown sugar, and you’ve got a homey, satisfying bowl of morning goodness.
  • Apple and Butternut Squash Soup
    Apples take a savory turn in this cozy, autumn soup. Butternut squash provides a blast of beta-carotene for radiant skin, healthy joints, and sharp vision. It’s the perfect pairing of in-season produce—sweet fruit and nutty-flavored vegetables—as the weather turns cooler and the leaves start to turn colors.
  • Apple Pie Smoothie
    This scrumptious smoothie is as easy as (apple) pie! Fiber-rich apple plus protein-packed Greek yogurt combine to make a well-balanced breakfast – the perfect way to fuel the day.
  • Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes with Lemon Yogurt Topping
    Nobody should have to live without pancakes! While testing this gluten-free version, 10 “non-celiac” breakfast guests confirmed you do not need all-purpose wheat flour. Enjoy these flavorful flapjacks, which include extra calcium and fiber!
  • Balsamic Chicken
    This simple, one-pot meal is a weeknight staple in my house. The dish gets its kick from rich, tangy balsamic vinegar, one of my all-time favorite flavor enhancers.
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette
    Store-bought salad dressings are typically loaded with calories, fat and salt. Take balsamic vinaigrette, which can have up to 145 calories and more than 300 milligrams of sodium in a measly 2-tablespoon serving. Luckily, it’s easy to make your own low-cal dressing with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. The health payoff is definitely worth a bit of extra effort.
  • Banana-Almond Energy Smoothie
    This sweet, creamy shake is the perfect blend of slow-release carbs, high-quality protein, and healthy fats to get your body running on all cylinders. And, as a complete meal-in-one, it’s a smart breakfast option for frazzled mornings.
  • Banana-Mango Parfait
    You’ll love the rich, decadent flavor in this sleepy-time snack. And because it’s comprised of fabulous ingredients — banana, mango, and ricotta cheese — your body gets a blast of nutrition before bed. I like it super cold, chilled for at least an hour.